Carbon Neutral Coffee

About the Project

Carbon Neutral Coffee

Enveritas is working together with partners in Southeast Asia to understand the impact of planting mangroves that are linked directly to the carbon dioxide footprint of our roaster’s customers. Mangrove forests can play an important role in sequestering carbon and we are working with coffee roasters to plant and monitor these trees. Check out Peet's Carbon Neutral Series to learn more!

Why Mangroves?

Mangroves sequester three to five times more carbon dioxide than the rainforests we strive to protect. Their ability to store carbon dioxide so well comes from an extensive root system below the water and ground. Mangrove forests can play an important role in carbon removals because they are among the most carbon-dense ecosystems in the world, and if kept undisturbed, mangrove forest soils act as long-term carbon sinks. In addition, they can help reduce coastal erosion and provide habitat for marine life.

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"Forests are the lungs of our land,
purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people."
Franklin D. Roosevelt