Our Mission

The majority of smallholder coffee farmers are excluded from high-value, sustainability markets. This exclusion is not necessarily because their practices wouldn’t meet sustainability standards, but because the economics of verifying their activities are more challenging. These farms are smaller, they are not organized into groups, their supply isn’t aggregated consistently, they live in harder to reach places.

At Enveritas, our mission is to help all coffee farmers participate in a globally sustainable coffee industry. Our focus is on unorganized smallholders. We offer a different way of addressing sustainability – an approach that shines light on what producers are doing well and that encourages deeper understanding and commitment to solving the most challenging sustainability issues.

The pathway to sustainability starts with the ground truth

Our approach provides producers with free verification of their sustainability practices. We provide data and insights that allow partners to benchmark practices and interpret sustainability results in the appropriate local context. Doing so enables producers, buyers, and the trade to have honest conversations with a common understanding of issues in the supply chain. From this starting point, meaningful change and impact are possible.

Our approach

We have developed a new methodology for conducting farm- and processor-level assessments, adapted for a wide range of producer types and tailored to local conditions. We take a statistically robust approach to sampling and data quality monitoring in order to offer assurance and insights with high levels of confidence. Our field assessments are evaluated against our standards, which cover three pillars of sustainability – social, environmental, and economic.

You can review our standards in our Standards Library or download our standards in a PDF (download PDF in English or descargar PDF en Español). We are currently conducting a standards review, and plan to release a revised standard in 2020. If you have feedback on our standards, please fill out our standards review form.

We are currently operating in Uganda, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Colombia. We are expanding to additional origins as well.

For any questions or comments about Enveritas’ standards, our approach to sustainability, or working with us in your supply chain, please email